Rikke Bhathena Art and Therapy    

Welcome to my website.

The work displayed on these pages is a mixture of new and old work, some commissioned and some a personal development. It is mainly water mixable oil paint on canvas and mixed media backgrounds.

Whats New: Part of the webpage is dedicated to Art Therapy, a description of it and what I can offer.

Most of the Artwork is based on an exploration of the representation of an image through painting. The process commences with a selection of photos and found images. In earlier work I mainly used commercial pictures with the focus on the female posture as a seductive item, often displayed as a commodity. Now, it's mainly personal photos. The 'family portraits' of toys have a specific composition with light and considerations of relationship. In the underwater portraits and most of the commissioned portraits the exploration is focussed on the relationship with the surroundings/ background.
The visual presentation is influenced by a conscious knowledge of the effect of the ever changing moment, which forms fragments of memory and imagination. This means that the images are usually the starting point, which is evolved through an interaction with a background that creates layers, this creates new pictures and meanings between the two.










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