Rikke Bhathena Art and Therapy    
How does it work?

Half of my work is commissioned. I really enjoy it, because it challenges me to produce other kinds of work and hopefully pleases someone with something unique and personal.

So if you have specific wishes or some wake ideas about something for yourself or others, feel free to contact me and we can talk about it.

Seen something you like, but would like it to be more personal. Ex. Holiday photos incorporated into or modified into a similar painting as one that I have done. See Commissions and Other. 


A similar one to one, which I have already sold.


Direct or indirect.

Direct: See different styles and have a recognisable portrait in that style. Underwater, on other surfaces or just straight forward. See Underwater and Portraits.

Indirect: Bits of, or suggested areas of objects, persons or places put together in semi abstract paintings.

Family Portraits. Toys or/and objects of the past or/and present. It works well in the ‘still-life’ style, strong effects of light and shade. Mixed media backgrounds…