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Tordenskjold under water

Imitating Rococo 1

Rococo 2

Rococo portrait 1

Rococo portrait 2

part of Rococo portrait 1

holiday tattoo 4

holiday tattoo 2

holiday tattoo 1

Palms through water

Freja through Water

levels under water 6

levels under water 5

levels under water 4

levels under water 3

levels under water 2

levels under water 1

all levels under water

mermaid in swimmingpool

2 mermaids in swimmingpool

Learning to swim

Mask underwater

section of Freja and Jelly

section of Freja and Jelly

Freja and Jelly

A lot Deeper 1

Under the surface

Freja and I underwater


Freja over the surface

Legs under the surface

Us swimming underwater

blue jelly 2

blue jelly1

Girls underwater

Underwater, one girl

self- portrait underwater

Section of 'Us swimming underwater'
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